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Portuguese Swimming Federation (FPN)

The Portuguese Swimming Federation (F.P.N.) is the only entity in Portugal responsible for the definition of the mission, values and objectives of national swimming, in all its variants, as well as its promotion and development.

The main goals of F. P. N. are:

  1. To promote, regulate and command, at the national level, the teaching and the practice of swimming in their various disciplines, in particular, in Swimming, Para Swimming, Water Polo, Diving, Artistic Swimming, Open Water, Masters and its variants, as well as all the sports practices carried out in swimming pools;
  2. To spread out and respect the rules of the swimming, established by the organs and competent entities;
  3. To represent the interests of the Portuguese swimming and of its affiliated before public and private entities in Portugal (Olympic and Paralympic Committee; State Secretary of Sport etc.);
  4. To represent the Portuguese swimming, in whole its disciplines, near the international sport organisations with which is affiliated, assuring the competitive participation of the national selections (World Aquatics, LEN – European Aquatics, Comen, etc).


F.P.N.’s mission is to promote, rule and command on a national level the practice and teaching of swimming and other aquatics activities, always defending the foundations of sports ethics and representing Portugal at his highest level in international competitions.


F.P.N.’s ambition is that all Portuguese have an aquatic competence skill, that they learn and know how to swim and that they do it often. A swimming country and supporting its elite swimmers that will rise the national flag on the podium of main international competitions.