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The Sport Transparency Index project (Sport T-Index) has been devised to help support integrity interventions at the most fundamental level. It will help by benchmarking sport stakeholders including clubs, leagues, national associations and international governing bodies using universally applicable and appropriate criteria to evaluate, compare and contrast them against basic integrity-related transparency indicators.

The Sport Transparency Index project includes 11 delivery partners including the following leading organisations from Portugal, Spain, Greece, Poland, Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands. SIGA – Sport Integrity Global Alliance Europe Associação, ISG – Fundacja Institute For Sport Governance, VUB- Vrije Universiteit Brussel, FEDAS-  europäische Verband des Sportfachhandels, IOTC – Dietnes Kentro Olympiakis Ekexeiria, EPSI – The European Platform for Sport Innovation, FPN – Federação Portuguesa de Natação, EMCA – European Multisport Club Association, UCLM – Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, EFDN – Stichting European Football Development Network, ICSS Europe – International Centre For Sport Security Europe Associação. The project also includes the following 4 Associate partners including Igre mladih – Udruga za sport, rekreaciju i edukaciju Igre mladih, IPDJ, IP Instituto Português do Desporto e da Juventude, AEFCA – Alliance of European Football Coaches’ Associations and the Football Supporters Association, FSA. All of whom combine to work to deliver Pan-European programme.

Erasmus+ is the grant holder. This will help to protect sport, as an entirety, from the bottom up and facilitate cross-sport linkages and shared knowledge. It will do this by shining a light on specific areas where transparency needs to improve, quantifying norms across sport, region, leagues and competitions and by recognizing those that truly champion integrity in sport.

Project Aims

  1. To define and articulate a set of common Integrity Indicators that are applicable to all European Sport Stakeholders.
  2. To use the indicators to create a Transparency Index that objectively assesses all European Sport Stakeholders (To be defined and delimited within the parameters of this project) in relation to their levels of Transparency with specific regard to the indicators.
  3. The indicator evaluation process must be universal, applicable to all, permit objective, binary and external.
  4. Evaluations based solely on the information made freely available within the stakeholders’ official website.
  5. To design the Index in a way that works to improve standards by shining a light on current capacities and levels of Integrity Transparency.
  6. The intent is to enable and facilitate positive change through education, policy recommendations and knowledge exchange mechanisms.

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