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European Multisport Club Association (EMCA)

European Multisport Club Association (EMCA) is a non-political and non-profit organization, consisting of multisport clubs who carry out several sport disciplines, both professional and grass-root. The multisport club members embody the Olympic spirit by promoting the development and dissemination of all the different sport disciplines, each one with the same dignity, as a mean of psycho-physical growth for each person based on his/her talents and the development of a full moral integrity. This is achieved through the management of all forms of competitive sports, recreational activities including cultural entertainment and leisure activities, events, trips and social events and many other types of physical activity capable of maintaining the human body in shape. 

The Association promotes the activities of the affiliated sports clubs operating on European scale and carries out projects aimed at the dissemination of healthy lifestyles, the exchange of good practices, the fight against doping, intolerance and violence, the access to sport for people with disabilities, social inclusion of immigrants and gender equality. These are all in line with its objectives in international institutions, the European Union and the countries of origin of the national multisport clubs.  

Our mission is that of long-term commitment to the sports and projects we are involved in, the promotion of sport support, social inclusion and sustainability of grassroots sports.