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European Football for Development Network (EFDN)

The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) consists of professional football clubs, leagues, and FAs who are committed to their communities and social responsibilities with a passion to cooperate and engage on a European level. The network aims to promote the power of football as a tool for social development and support the efforts of network members in their initiatives to use football in accessing various target groups in their communities.  

EFDN is an influential platform and voice within European football. EFDN has access to more than 150 football clubs in 32 countries via its international conferences and online learning platform. It has extensive partnerships with a wide range of national and international governing sports organisations and other institutions. During the #Morethanfootball Action Weeks EFDN reached more than 41 million people, thus raising awareness for the Pan-European programs and CSR works of clubs. This impact can be used for the communication of all EFDN programs to highlight the work EFDN and its partners are doing.